Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura about to each others ass in Sengoku BASARA.
Sanada Yukimura  and Date Masamune are about to each other’s ass in Sengoku BASARA. Hint: It’s great.

So we heard that a whole bunch of new shows just started airing in Japan last month, so we thought we’d talk about the shows we’ve started keeping up with. Hence, the Spring Anime 2009 Preview. Or as Inubito called it, “Desu in Springtime.”

Promo: Akihabra Renditions! We first met these guys at AWA in 2008 and then again at MTAC this year, and pretty quickly became podcast BFFs. They actually focus more on the classics of anime, or at least older anime. You know, stuff that’s pre-2000. Which is the exact opposite of the topic of this episode! Oddly enough, Basil and Kevin are featured in their latest episode!


So we talked about a bunch of anime! Like for example:

  • Asura Cryin’
  • Basquash!
  • Cross Game
  • Dragon Ball Kai
  • Eden of the East
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Guin Saga
  • K-ON!
  • Natsu No Arashi
  • Pandora Hearts
  • Ristorante Paradiso
  • Sengoku BASARA
  • Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen

We are positive that you are all enterprising individuals, and you can find these shows on your own. Many of them can actually be seen streaming, like FMA! That said, I Basil have now heard that Asura Cryin’ is in fact the worst show out right now? Is it? I have no clue! I’ve made my picks and I’m sticking with them. But if you want to tell us your picks, or what will never be your picks, feel free to let us know! You can send us an email at, leave us a comment, or call up the OSMline at 206-202-0071. And while you are sending us tons of emails, tell us what you thought of the Dragonball: Evolutions movie! You may just win a poster of said movie, that you can do with whatever you like.

(But if you decide to destroy in some spectacular fashion, we want pictures.)

OSMcast: The Spring Anime 2009 Preview 05-04-2009

4 thoughts on “OSMcast: The Spring Anime 2009 Preview 05-04-2009

  • May 4, 2009 at 4:32 PM

    I thought the first episode of Asura Cryin’ was pretty interesting. I’m gonna give the next couple episodes a try.

  • May 5, 2009 at 6:08 PM

    I’m happy enough with Cross Game (liked what I saw of Touch and this one definitely has that 80s vibe, as well as a nice twist), Guin Saga (awesome Guin is awesome), Shin Mazinger (do I need to explain why?) and Sengoku Basara (see Shin Mazinger), but looks like I should probably check out Eden of the East and maybe Natsu no Arashi, from what you guys mentioned. We’ll see how that turns out.

  • May 5, 2009 at 9:37 PM

    Of those two I’m finding myself enjoying Eden of the East more. Natsu no Arashi is a lot of fun, but as comedies go it’s not amazing. Just incredibly competent. Whereas Eden of the East feels like it’s going places, in directions you don’t normally see out of anime today. Then again, it could totally topple on itself and Eden of the East ends up sucking at the end.

  • May 8, 2009 at 11:25 AM

    “Shin Mazinger (do I need to explain why?)”

    Yes, you do. Just what exactly did you find in that festering pile of shit of a show ?

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