We aren’t dead yet! In this triumphant return to the OSMcast Basil, Eric, and newcomer Lee tackle Tetsuro Takeuchi and Guitar Wolf’s wild and crazy “Jet rock ‘n’ roll”/zombie horror/comedy/cult classic/movie thing, Wild Zero! And succeed with marginal success! WARNING: Guitar Wolf’s music can be really loud.


We actually recorded this a week or two ago, so the World of OSM news is kinda old, but it’s all still vitally important, at least as far you should go buy Bangai-O Spirits RIGHT NOW.

What’s actually important is that we’re back and we’ll be now updating on Mondays, not Fridays. And we should have it set for next Monday as well, where Lee and I talk about Cromartie High School.

Be prepared!

OSMcast: Wild Zero 8-25-2008
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