Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, our first podcast. Recorded on 3-08-2008, this is a podcast about music games, particularly Rock Band.


Other games we talked about in this podcast are:

Some of these games are actually good. Some… probably not so much. If you want to know, listen to us talk like utter dorks! Now as this our first ever release, we know that we’ve still got our work cut out for us. But even so, let us know what you think! If you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know! We want this podcast to be as awesome as the name. Just throw us an email at!

As you can tell by the date of when we said this was recorded and when it was posted, there’s been a bit of a time skip. We’ve been experiencing some various technical difficulties (illness, computers dying, WoW, Persona 3, among others) so we actually have several podcasts recorded. Hopefully though now that our wonderful and most favorite beatsmith and premo-producer DJ Inubito now has his amazing new computer, we’ll be able to push more of these out the door.

And perhaps even I dunno, eventually start getting some podcasts out in a timely matter. Crazy, I know!

OSMcast! Show #1: Rock Band

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