OSMcast! Show #143: The Indie Video Games of Momocon 2018

When we last checked into the Momocon Indie Games area when they started in 2015, we covered 18 games. Well, now it’s 2018! So how many games did we check out in this year’s Momocon? *counts* 23? GOOD LORD. Here’s our takes on said 23 games, live from the archives during Momocon 2018.


No time for love Dr Jones, only Time Cues:

OSMcast! The Indie Video Games of Momocon 2015 10-26-2015


So speaking of Momocon, this was the first year where they really blew up their video gaming to something truly huge. Something special. they called it the MGX, or Momocon Gaming Experience. Not only was there tons of tabletop gaming to be had, or console gaming, or even an arcade, as they had all of these things. But what Momocon also had, was an indies space for video games. And along with our pals from Chainsaw Buffet, we played almost all of them.

These are those stories. As recorded late at night during some night at Momocon.


GOOD GRAVY there were a bunch of games at Momocon this year! Frankly, I have no idea how those actual video game sites cover even bigger shows like E3! Wait, I think they get paid though… huh. Oh well! Of course, thanks to the Chainsaw Boys for helping us cover all these games! But you did not come here for this part of the OSMnotes, clearly. What you want, are those Time Cues:

That… was a lot of links. Please, go click on them! Find something new to play! And bug the wonderful C63 folks to make that sweet sweet train game I know is secretly in their hearts.

Next time, something fresh off the microphone! We are kicking a few ideas around. If you have any ideas of topics of things to cover, feel free to hit up Basil on Twitter. Or Kevin! Or hey, even the OSMcast account itself. We are not picky.

OSMinterview! Greg Weisman @ Momocon 2015


Long time, no podcast? Well, let’s fix that! We’re going to start with an OSMinterview we did with Greg Weisman during this year’s Momocon along with the Chainsaw Buffet podcast.

Greg Weisman was one of the co-creators of Disney animated series Gargoyles, and also worked on Young Justice, as well as Star Wars Rebels. We talk to him about all those things, but we also chatted about his books Rain of the Ghosts, as well as it’s sequel book Spirits of Ash and Foam.


Firstly, big thanks to both Greg Weisman and Momocon for making the interview possible. You should all check out his books! Basil sure did, and will probably report back in on those soon enough. Secondly, hi we’re back! And we even have a second episode being prepped for next week! So that’s exciting.

OSMinterview! Mark Meer @ Momocon 2013

(That's kinda rude...)
It’s like he’s pointing at himself!

In tonight’s ACTION PACKED episode of the OSMcast!. we team up with the Chainsaw Buffet to interview one Mark Meer at Momocon 2013. You probably have heard him giving voice to the male half of everyone’s favorite Commander on the Citadel, Commander Shepard of Mass Effect*. As it turns out, he’s worked with BioWare for much longer than one might be aware!

*Not that the OSMcast has liked the Mass Effect series of games or anything.


We’d just like to thank Momocon and Mark Meer for letting him chat it up with us, even if all it did was make us wish we could have talked with him more!

Also, hey did you see the new website? We have one! It’s looks all NEW. Unless this is your first time, in which case it probably looks all old. Or at least normal, I guess.

Either way, welcome! If you haven’t checked us out lately, please peruse our Index of OSM, the archive of all our audio to date. As it turns out we have been running on and on for five years and you tend to accumulate a bunch of stuff in that time! In fact, we are dangerously close to hitting episode 100! If you have any ideas for that, let us know! We’re plumb out.

OSMcast! Momocon 2013 3-35-2013

Momocon 2013

What the- A podcast posted by the OSMcast! about a con that is more recent than a year ago, perhaps even posted within the  month it actually OCCURRED  in?! Could… we be actually getting our act  together!? Maybe! Although really it’s with the help of the wonderful, gallant, and lovely gents from the Chainsaw Buffet, our ever awesome OSM compadres from the land of the North (of Alabama, in Tennessee). Once more, we have teamed  up our forces to bring you the tales of derring-do! This time, we have dared Momocon: Atlanta’s Anime, Animation, and Gaming Convention. And we have returned to audio spin those yarns!


Speaking of cons, we will be heading out this weekend to the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, or you know, MTAC. As is his want, Basil will be hosting some panels at the con! They are:

Even More Manga You Need to BUY RIGHT NOW (Friday 10 AM, Fan Panel 2) Manga, the world of Japanese comics. There used to be an absolute ton of these things on the market, but times are changing and not for the better. However, there are still a great many series and one shots that are being published today! And we are going to tell you all about them!

Engrish Jamboree (Friday, 3PM, Panel 2) Rs may not be Ls but when you are speaking English in Japanese the lures go light out the window! The Engrish Jamboree is what happens when you take one language and churn it through another language with hilarious results. Anime and Live-Action clips, music videos, if people are fumbling through English, we got it.

Getting Your Anime Groove Back (Saturday, 9PM, Panel 2) Anime burn out happens all the time. Sometimes life gets in the way and people lose interest in keeping up with the latest shows and news. This panel looks at a few shows that may rekindle that anime fan deep inside that just wants to be free again.

Of course, times for these things can always change.

We’ll see you… next week!  Or perhaps… EVEN SOONER?! We have some smaller, more bite sized episodes we can upload. So you will be hearing more from us much sooner than one would normally think.