So back in the far flung past (last month or so*) we solicited questions from the people. Mostly on Twitter. Also via spamming Third Impact Anime’s Facebook Community. These are those questions. And our answers! In December. Look, time is an illusion, we all know this. 

*Pretty sure the idea was to record in October, then release in November? But now it’s December. Hi December! 


Ryan is a pretty cool dude and you can check out his Twitter right here!

Thanks everyone for sending in questions! Some, we’ll have to come back to you all on them. As some are really whole episode topics in their own right (Looking at you, Top Ten Anime Betrayals)! But until next time, have some Time Cues:

  • We start the OSMcasting – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 0:36
  • New Podcast Announcement – 01:35
    • “Acquisition” of Chainsaw Buffet! – 03:18
    • Our Triumphant Return to iTunes! – 05:01
  • Moments of OSM – 08:35
  • Questions and Answers – 25:48
    • Favorite Spooky Animes? – 26:37
    • What’s Next in Our Conquests? – 33:44
    • Which kind of -dere is Basil according to Kevin and Anna? – 36:28
    • What is the most difficult thing about running a convention? – 37:50
    • Which guest do you want to get on the podcast the most and why is it Austin from Third Impact Anime? – 38:43
    • Got any grapes? – 39:54
    • Porg or Ewok? – 40:44
    • Subs or Dubs? – 44:26
    • Why do they call it taking a dump and not leaving a dump? – 49:26
    • Tobias Asks a Meme – 49:39
    • What are you watching this season? – 50:12
    • Top 10 Anime Betrayals – 51:12
    • What Upcoming Anime Are You Looking Forward To? – 51:36
    • Which is your favorite McElroy brother? – 52:36
    • If VRV Pick Up One thing of your choice, what would it be? – 55:03
    • From an attendee point of view, what sorts of panels catch your eye at cons? – 57:42
    • What anime is so ridiculous that you can’t force yourself to watch it? – 60:23
    • What is your number one JRPG of all time and why is it a controversial choice? – 62:12
    • Final Thoughts – 68:52

OSMcast! Show #144: Questions from Listeners Like You, NOV in DEC Edition

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