The Sony PlayStation
The Sony PlayStation

As it turns out, there has now been twenty years of PlayStation. So we decided to talk about those twenty years on the OSMcast! But as it turns out, there was a lot, a LOT to talk about just about the first PlayStation!

So listen on as we intend to talk about all of the PlayStation, then instead only talk about the first of PlayStation.

That said, we had a ton to say. We talk about the system itself, where it came from, and all the games we enjoyed on it throughout the years.

Turns out, there were a lot of games!


Let’s not mince words here. Because here comes a whole lot of them: Time Cues!

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:43
  • PlayStation AKA PSone
    • The History and the System in General – 4:02
    • The Games of Original PlayStation
      • Final Fantasy VII: 18:38
      • Wild Arms: 22:30
      • Breath of Fire III: 24:23
      • Tomb Raider: 28:00
      • Jumping Flash! 28:59
      • Final Fantasy Tactics: 30:26
      • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: 31:49
      • Tekken 3: 32:45
      • Dance Dance Revolution: 33:39
    • Some of the Low Points of the PlayStation: 35:06
      • Alone in the Dark: 36:23
      • Tales of Destiny: 36:59
      • The Translations of Final Fantasy: 37:36
      • Thrill Kill/Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style: 38:03
    • And Then We Talk About the Games Some More
      • Revelations: Persona: 39:24
      • Xenogears: 40:54
      • Parasite Eve: 43:08
      • Chrono Cross: 44:03
      • Metal Gear Solid: 47:18
      • SaGa Frontier: 51:51
      • The Legend of Dragoon: 56:14
      • Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX: 57:31
      • Megan Man 6: 67:17
      • Resident Evil and Silent Hill: 70:43
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about PlayStation: 72:50
    • And Then We Talk About the Games Some More Yet Again
      • Thousand Arms 79:52
      • Rhapsody 81:04
    • Final Thoughts: 89:35

Phew! And yes, of course we then remembered even more games after  we had packed up for the night. But worry not! We have a few more PlayStation systems left to go!

OSMtable! A Roundtable about PlayStation, PSone 12-16-2014
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2 thoughts on “OSMtable! A Roundtable about PlayStation, PSone 12-16-2014

  • December 23, 2014 at 1:03 PM

    Really long time AWO listener here, I found the OSMcast through hearing Basil and Kevin on there a while back. Been listening ever since. Basil has great energy, Douglass being a man of mystery automatically makes him cool, and Kevin makes me laugh pretty much all the time. Love listening to what you three have to say, and I’m someone who can literally listen to Daryl, Gerald, Clarissa talk for days. I would say you three are the same!

    Sorry to hear about being sick from listening to the last couple casts, but it surely won’t run me off considering I’m so used to it by now due to AWO having slowed down over the years, and it hasn’t stopped me for sure. Just makes me crave for more! Thank you all for the entertainment, keep going!

    Also, I love the fact that it’s not just a podcast purely about Anime, but a podcast about a Muppet movie?! Pizza?! Video games?! It truly is OSM! I’ve held back commenting quite a bit, apologies. I can be very shy and nervous at times when I’m not ranting. I’ve enjoyed listening and going back to previous episodes even.

    As for this episode, this was the era I was introduced to JRPG’s or RPG’s in general. Due to my awesome friends. I discovered Final Fantasy and a bunch of other amazing titles. PS1 days are probably the most nostalgic for me as well as early PS2. Kevin made me smile big time when he mentioned FF9, it’s basically my favorite FF 🙂 But I openly admit that’s due to it being the first one I beat (but not played). Tetra Master, Vivi, what can I not like about that? But I completely understand anyone who doesn’t feel that game, lol. Probably pure nostalgia hype on my end. Either way! Keep feeding me OSM entertainment! Take care and I’ll continue to enjoy.

  • December 27, 2014 at 12:17 AM

    Nice to see you guys back. Loved all the game chat 🙂

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