Object- Oh you know what they are doing already!

Tonight, on the OSMcast we plumb the depths and crack open the case of one Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. A lawyer-esque video game for your 3DS Nintendo Portable Entertainment System.

And by we, I mean Basil aka uh… Basil aka Ed Chavez fan #1 from said OSMcast as well as one Alain aka Hisui aka Saber fan #1 from the The Reverse Thieves blog as well as The Speakeasy podcast.

But you should listen on as we share the dual destinies as guys who likes video games about being lawyers that can tackle even the greatest of yokai crazes!


Later folks, later. Right now I (Basil) am about to be drug into some Dr. Who THING and who knows how this will turn out! I assume lots of flashy lights on sticks that people will SWEAR to me that they are screwdrivers. Even though they don’t have neither orange juice OR vodka so what use are they?!

OSMcast! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies 11-25-2013

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