Jessica Straus

This is ACTION PACKED episode full of DRAMA AND PATHOS we interview voice over artist Jessica Straus! She has done many a voice from many a thing, like Juri from Super Street Fighter IV, the Amazon in Diablo 2, Gidget from Eureka 7, Sasha from Infamous 2, and a whole bunch more. And we should point out, while we are known far and wide throughout the land as the podcast that asks HARD HITTING questions, we don’t think you have heard questions asked quite like some of these.

This could be both our greatest and worst interview ever done to date.


An update?! On a Monday! What is this…?

I dunno but maybe it will continue…???

This interview is dedicated to Dylan of the Chainsaw Buffet podcast and website au gratin, the Habe of My Heart and Soul <3

Dylan is the moe-est!
OSMinterview: Jessica Straus @ HAMACON 3
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One thought on “OSMinterview: Jessica Straus @ HAMACON 3

  • October 22, 2012 at 12:49 PM

    Wait, you put a photo I don’t even remember on top of a photo of John with Jessica. What is this I don’t even…

    I know I’m your hatemuse and all but I was hoping the targeting would stop once we stopped recording.

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