OSMcast! Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012 9-29-2012

AWA 2012

OK so you would THINK we would release the MTAC podcast before the AWA but that would make sense now wouldn’t it? WELL TOO BAD DEARIES. The Habe of My Heart, Dylan  edited  this up so it goes up now! He even posted a description I’m gonna totally steal but then edit so why did I bother who knows:

Basil, Kevin, and Mike from the OSMcast and Hamacon join Charlie, Dylan, and John from the Chainsaw Buffet at Anime Weekend Atlanta in the wee hours of the morning to talk about the con, the experience of the frequent con-goer, running panels, and… a lot of other things. We forget. It was really late, OK?


New episode on Monday! Now I have to commit!


Unrelated but important:

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