OSMcrap: “The REALLY real real PixelCon 2011 Experience”

PixelCon 2011

On a whim of a flight of fancy, basil decided to take a quick road trip over to Tuscaloosa to check out PixelCon: A Convention for Gamers, and see what the haps were. Is haps even used nowadays? Hmm. Well, here’s the haps anyway, straight from the con goers mouths, into a microphone, then regurgitated into mp3 format. Share and enjoy!


Okay, so actually Rail drove Basil there, but he was too busy actually playing video games instead of harassing people with a microphone. But we all know what was important here!

So where will the OSMcast journey to next? Why, to Kami-Con! It’s an anime con, also in Tuscaloosa. And rumor has it, that Basil will even have panels there! It will be exciting! Adventurous! Panelriffic! It will be the haps.

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