Truly, only on the master system that is the PS3 can one truly enjoy the Spirit of the Driftâ„¢.

In this fast and FURIOUS episode of the OSMcast! we decided to take the best kart racer around for a spin. And in case you haven’t read the title yet, that game is United Front Games’ ModNation Racers.


You can buy ModNation Racers everywhere video games are sold! And also PS3s, in case you need one of those. And you would like some free entertainment, our pal Victor has started updating his website with his brand new novella Chairshot: A Love Story. It’s an exciting tale of triumph, anguish, and wrestling. You can start reading it here.

OSMcast: ModNation Racers 8-16-2010
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One thought on “OSMcast: ModNation Racers 8-16-2010

  • August 24, 2010 at 6:37 AM

    Man, this is another thing that makes me want a PS3. And I really want to make a track sometime. Can I maybe come over to someone’s place and make one some day? (Or start making one?)

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