OSMcast: Black Lion 15 10-05-2009

Black Lion
Black Lion

A podcast that primarily deals with anime (and video games) talks about a anime? Shocking! This time, we take on Go Nagai’s BLACK LION!


Black Lion is cheap as hell online. Just check the Amazon listing. Really, unless you hate violence and gore, why aren’t you buying this right now?

Next week’s episode is up in the air, as schedules are being worked out and what not. However! We have some good stuff hopefully down the pipe in the near-ish future so keep a look out!

Until then: Comment. Email. OSMline. You know the drill.

2 Replies to “OSMcast: Black Lion 15 10-05-2009”

  1. fuck yeah Black Lion

    i remember when you showed this to me and Afroninja a couple years ago

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