Its like the Eighties... but BETTER.
It’s like the Eighties… but BETTER.

The OSMcast goes forth once more as Basil, Kevin, and special guest commentator JP grapple the numerous and awesome 8-bit modern games that comprise one of the best DS titles to come out in years: known only as Retro Game Challenge!

Protip: So okay I said that it’s the 31st when it actually released on the 30th. Whoops.


WHY HAVEN’T YOU BOUGHT THIS GAME YET. There are people at XSEED who could be bringing us the sequel but instead are DYING because they cannot feed themselves and their families due to the rest of you NOT BUYING THIS GAME. /hyperbole

(Here is a link to so you can buy this game. Or go to a Best Buy or Gamestop or whatever you have to do!)

Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Incidentally guys and gals, MadWorld is also mad fun. There is nothing more visceral on the Wii than yanking on the Wii Remote and Nunchuck and watching my enemies be ripped in twain. I literally have not had so much fun on this system since Mario Galaxy. They need to take this engine and gameplay and give me a Fist of the North Star varient. Good stuff. Very fun.

Sadly what wasn’t fun was that as I was talking during this recording I could feel my throat dying. Lo and behold this past week it turned for the worse as I’ve had a monstrously bad throat infection. So what do I do when I get sick? I watch seasons of anime! And for this purpose I downloaded obtained two series: Library War and all of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Well the main 110 episodes). Of course I haven’t watched ALL of the show yet, but I’ll get through them eventually. It is now only a matter of time.

Yeah, its kinda like that...
Yeah, it’s kinda like that…

Speaking of only and matter of time and anime, this weekend is MTAC! I (Basil, aka the guy who writes all these crazy posts and “show notes” ) will be on at least two panels at MTAC. I’ll be a part of the Podcast Roundtable Panel which is being held Friday night at 7:00 PM in the Fan Panel room. Then on Sunday at 1 in Panel Room 2 I’ll be the “token male” in the Shojo Mojo Panel: Feminism in Anime. I could be in some risky waters here!

Thankfully, I’m pretty sure they never listened to Weeadicks…

(I hope.)

OSMcast: Retro Game Challenge 03-31-2009
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One thought on “OSMcast: Retro Game Challenge 03-31-2009

  • March 31, 2009 at 1:52 AM

    For a real portrayal of Rally King SP, check out the ramen chain sponsored “Gradius Archimedes Hen” on Famicom/NES.

    Powerups turned into ramen noodle bowls.

    These games generally had a limited production run and were given as promotional raffles and contests like in the game RGC.

    Also, Haggleman was more closely based on the Ninja JaJaMaru-kun series.

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