OSMcast: Speed Racer (2008 Movie) 5-16-2008

Tonight on the OSMcast! we go go go after the latest movie adaptation by The Wachowski Siblings, the Tatsunoko Production’s classic anime hit Speed Racer.


Also in case you hadn’t notice, Inubito thought the remix of the Speed Racer theme was so awesome, he included all of it. Be forewarned! Or not! However this does end creating our longest podcast ever. But anyway, seriously guys, there were parts of this movie that were more awesome than Iron Man. Really. Not kidding! Though I guess overall Iron Man is the better movie, it’s already made tons of money so go spend it on Speed Racer instead!

Next week we’ll hopefully if schedules allow be covering the new Narnia film, and possibly something else a little more… metal. Till then! Email us at osmcast@REMOVECAPSgmail.com, or just throw us some comments at the bottom of this post.

If you want more info on Mach Go Go Go / Speed Racer, check out these articles from scifijapan.com. It’s got some really cool stuff inside!

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