Who is OSM Central?

We like to talk about things. And over the years there have been a few of us who like to talk about things. To start off…

The Main Crew

Aka the folks that tend to talk on (and on, and on) most episodes.

He makes these stupid poses ALL THE EFFIN’ TIME.

Basil: The Head Honcho. An eternal English/Graphic Design major that spends way too much time playing video games and watching Japanese cartoons and not nearly enough time writing or graphic designing about them. He once ran an anime club with an iron fist for over a decade, now helps run his local anime con you should totally go to, a time where he wrote for Animefringe (for all of two-three months!), and thinks ‘Moe Moe Bullshit’ is stupid. He really does.

Like one time some jerkwad got up all up in his face and was all “DESU DESU DESU” and Basil punched him in the face and laid him out on the floor. Stupid Moe, we never liked him either.

It is a mystery!

Douglass: The resident International Man of Mystery. Some say he has journeyed so far down the Grand Line she has come to our world: searching for truth, justice, and pirate booty. Some others say she’s an alien and he will one day rule us all. Or perhaps Nobody is an ESPer, or maybe even a time traveler. Douglass could be Everybody, or even Sombody.  But probably not.  And yet…  No one knows where he/she/Magnum, P.I. may strike next.

Aloha, dudes.

Kevin: Raised by wild opera hippies and a trio of lesbian cats, Kevin is our local mecha expert. When it comes to matters of giant robots we’ve yet to meet anyone who knows more obscure or neat information about them. Whenever we come across a giant robot show, be on the lookout! You might just learn something.

He also claimed the title of Ultimate OSMcast! Roadie (UOR), and started off chirping in on the various con reports we’ve done. But he quickly just ended talking about pretty much everything. Well…  OK. Not sports anime. But no one’s perfect.

Somehow we ended up on the AWA 14 Anime Podcast Roundtable. From left to right: DJ Inubito (OSMcast), Basil (OSMcast), Clarissa (AWO), Gerald (AWO), Daryl Surat (AWO), Paul Chapman (Greatest Movie Ever)

Previously on the OSMcast!

The fine people that while may not be regulars on the show as of late, they helped forge the podcast to be the crazy thing it is today.

Sup guys it’s D&D!

DJ Inubito: Our theme song creator and original producer. DJ Inubito started funking around with music back in 1998 when he started thumbing on a bass guitar. In 2003, he then transitioned into DJing trance and hardcore EDM as his interest in the party scene grew. When just mixing music wasn’t enough, he began producing in 2007, jumping headfirst into the nerdcore genre with the group Computer Science Hardcore. He also produced geek centric EDM with Dou(Gai)Jin Recordings alongside artists like Cynispin and Katsuhiko Jinnai. He now spins with several groups such as Dead Terrorist DJs, Sound Off DJs, and JABKI Bass All Stars, and been known to throw down impromptu mixing marathons on Ustream from time to time.

He also cosplays the most out of all of us. Acdemic my ass.
He also cosplays the most out of all of us. Academic my ass. Does that hat LOOK academic? Hell no.

Brad aka Rail: Once known to us as only the Resident Kinda Asian Guy, then he said “eff y’all” then went and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and the moved to Chicago to get a Master’s Degree in urban planning. So he’s now officially smarter than the rest of us! That bastard. He’s been an avid anime fan since the 90’s and is the only one we know to have actually played  all the .hack games to completion. That means he’s spent as much time in a virtual MMO than some of us have in actual MMOs… I’m just throwing that out there. Regardless he’s the closest thing we have to an actual academic around here so we throw him in from time to time to make ourselves feel smarter. Though since he keeps threatening to move away from us again, so we have to use him while we can.

PROTIP: Next time don’t take picture as Lee is passing out.

Lee: In a hazardous wake of an almost endless series of Lovecraftian proxy wars, Lee emerged a man reborn. Although since then something always felt… off. Not quite right. It was like all the panels of a comic was finshed, yet there was till have one area of blank space left that begged to have one more panel in his life. And then one day after spending five hours perfecting (of all things) the latest panel of his webcomic, it dawned on him… He needed to be in a  podcast!  Thankfully, we got to him before anyone else could. Take that, suckers!

Sooz typical exits vehicles this way.

Sooz hates a lot of things, including probably whatever you like. Her presence is enough to cause small animals to combust from pure evil. She enjoys nothing more than ruining fun and drinking the sweet, sweet tears of orphaned babies, except for ice cream and ballet. She also does a webcomic, found at http://www.readreliquary.com/.

This podcast is dedicated to Eric White.

Eric was one of the founding members of the OSMcast, we mean literally one as he was talking to Basil when said Basil came up with the idea. Sadly, in December of 2011, he passed away. He was one of the greatest, funniest, most wonderful people ever assembled into a person. We missed him dearly. This podcast is dedicated to his memory. Here’s the blurb he wrote about himself:

Where does he get all these wonderful toys… I mean replicas. (Ebay.)

Eric: The product of a bizarre breeding experiment between a Southern Baptist Philosopher and a Buddhist Lawyer the being known only as Eric has wandered the mortal plane for time untold. In his human guise as a History Major at the University of Alabama-Huntsville he spends most of his time reading books, playing video games and just generally nerding the hell out.