OSMcast! The 2014 OSMawards Part II: Manga and Anime 2-23-2015

The 2014 OSMawards for Most Awesome Manga and Anime

February is almost over! And as everyone agrees that Febuaray is the best month for looking back at the previous year, it’s time to wrap up the 2014 OSMawards! This time, it’s all about the wonders of Japanese comics and cartoons. You know, the good stuff.

Stuff such as, does Gundam the Origin keep the throne for Most Baller Manga in 2014? So how DID Viz Media get their groove back? Watch anime shows has Basil still yet to watch, even though he knows what’s good for him? All these burning questions are answered!

But don’t worry! We also talk about some video games, as well as some… books?! Yeah, reading words is hard! We have no idea why people would do such a thing. Reading. Geez.


Since we have already established that no one reads anything, why do we even both with Time Cues? The world may never know…!

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:40
  • OSMresolutions – 02:03
  • Dragon Quest Minute! – 03:22
  • Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) Minute! – 05:33
  • Moments of OSM – 21:09
  • BoJack Horseman – 21:32
  • Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation – 24:25
  • Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson- 26:51
  • The 2014 OSMawards!
    • Manga
      • World Trigger – 30:10
      • Raqiya – 35:03
      • What Did You Eat Yesterday? – 36:52
      • Insufficient Direction – 40:50
      • My Little Monster & Say “I love you” – 41:50
      • My Love Story!! – 43:25
      • How VIZ Manga Got Their Groove Back – 44:35
      • The Heroic Legend of Arslan – 47:31
      • Final Mentions – 49:27
      • The Seven Deadly Sins – 50:28
      • Twitter Mentions – 55:49
    • Anime During 2014
      • Space Dandy – 61:22
      • Kuroko’s Basketball – 62:46
      • Haikyu!! – 63:44
      • Free! – 64:51
      • Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers – 65:09
      • Mushishi – 65:56
      • Sailor Moon Crystal – 66:32
      • Sega Hard Girls – 67:43
      • Gundam Build Fighters – 69:30
      • Rage of Bahamut: Genesis – 70:40
      • Hunter x Hunter Brotherhood – 71:30
      • Log Horizon (1st Season) – 72:21
      • Silver Spoon (2nd Season) – 74:28
      • Captain Earth – 76:58
      • Ace of Diamond – 78:37
      • Yowamushi Pedal – 81:03
      • Nobunagun – 83:07
    • More Anime During 2014!
      • Robot Girls Z – 85:42
      • Fate/stay night – 87:30
      • Samurai Flamenco – 93:56
      • Ping Pong The Animation – 95:40
      • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun – 98:27
      • Blue Blazes AKA Aoi Honō – 102:03
      • Kill la Kill – 103:08
    • Anime That Started in 2014, But Still Kickin’ It in 2015
      • Watch Garo The Animation – 105:23
      • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – 109:41
      • Parasyte -the maxim- – 112:12
      • Gundam Reconguista in G – 113:15
      • Aldnoah.Zero – 116:15
      • Log Horizon (Season 2) – 117:31
    • Final Thoughts – 118:30

And in case anyone is in Birmingham this weekend, it’s Kami-con time! We’ll be there! Not running any panels… But we’ll be there! We’ll be going to other people’s panels and various other events. Like Vertical Comics’ panels! Chances are, you’ll be hearing all about it. But just don’t talk about it, be about it! Go to Kami-con! Check out the vertical panels and tell them how baller their manga is. That way, they’ll know we sent you.

OSMcast! OSM100: The 100th Episode and 5 Years of Podcasting of the OSMcast! 8-19-2013

Yikes, time moves forward what’s the deal with that.

5 years and change ago, three idiots with a microphone sat down and started talking into it. Then, they turned that microphone on. And plugged it into a computer. And conned a friend to edit the audio. And created a podcast.

Today, those same idiots release their 100th full-featured episode. This the OSM100, where the OSMcast looks back to the eerie past of the five years ago, to today, and to the future. We thank you all for this most amazing and well, awesome ride, and thank you for sticking with us for so long.

Here’s to 100 more.

OSMcast! Level E 7-22-2013

And when you see Micah at conventions, make sure you ask him for that Fresh Tokyo Smile. He’ll appreciate it!

In a world where ALIENS live on EARTH and listen to podcasts that no HUMANS know about… That’s right in our latest episode of the OSMcast we are chatting about Studio Pierrot’s and David Production’s anime adaption of Yoshihiro Togashi’s Level E. We are joined by our fellows the Chainsaw Buffet as well as the man, the myth, the LEGEND (in our own minds) Micah Solusod.

Who also happens to be the voice actor for the up and coming baseball player Yukitaka Tsutsui, and much like character is known for his Fresh Tokyo Smile.


BUY IT. STREAM IT. STREAM IT SOME MORE. It’s Good Stuff™. One might even say…  OSMstuff. I mean, OSMstuff™.

And once again, much thanks for Micah for coming on and chatting with  us this  year. You should immediately go read his webcomic Ties That Bind right now. It’s also OSMstuff®©£¥¶™.

Two updates on the correct updating schedule MY word what have we gotten ourselves into?! Now people will start to expect things from us oh man what have we done…

Thankfully, Otakon is coming up and we going again this year! This should provide plenty of chances for recording goodness, if the last time is any indication. So if you see, well hear, us, say hi!

OSMinterview! Mark Meer @ Momocon 2013

(That's kinda rude...)
It’s like he’s pointing at himself!

In tonight’s ACTION PACKED episode of the OSMcast!. we team up with the Chainsaw Buffet to interview one Mark Meer at Momocon 2013. You probably have heard him giving voice to the male half of everyone’s favorite Commander on the Citadel, Commander Shepard of Mass Effect*. As it turns out, he’s worked with BioWare for much longer than one might be aware!

*Not that the OSMcast has liked the Mass Effect series of games or anything.


We’d just like to thank Momocon and Mark Meer for letting him chat it up with us, even if all it did was make us wish we could have talked with him more!

Also, hey did you see the new website? We have one! It’s looks all NEW. Unless this is your first time, in which case it probably looks all old. Or at least normal, I guess.

Either way, welcome! If you haven’t checked us out lately, please peruse our Index of OSM, the archive of all our audio to date. As it turns out we have been running on and on for five years and you tend to accumulate a bunch of stuff in that time! In fact, we are dangerously close to hitting episode 100! If you have any ideas for that, let us know! We’re plumb out.

OSMcast: 2010 OSMawards! (AGGRESSIVE Edition) 01-24-2011

OSMrobo got into the whole video game thing a little bit TOO much...
OSMrobo got into the whole video game thing a little bit TOO much...

It’s time to kick ass, take names, and chew some gum as the OSMcast wraps up the 2010 OSMawards with 2 hours of video game talk.

Which is a lot.


The OSMcast have been pretty busy lately! Basil guest-started on the one of the latest episodes of the Chainsaw Buffet podcast, where they did even more year in review hijinks! Although, after a total of almost 4 hours of OSMcast yearing in reviewing you’d think we would cover it all, but no. The Chainsaw guys have proven that the Basil Rock of OSM can be squeezed yet for more blood. Of awesome. And perhaps Basil will actually make use of his blog now? Well, Basil certainly has no clue, but he did churn out a post about liking Ghost Trick a lot. And as always, Lee churns out his webcomic Hazard’s Wake like a MADMAN. A hazardous madman.

OSMcast: Soul Eater 07-13-2009

Soul Eater
Soul Eater

This time on the OSMcast! we decided things were getting little too old in the mix, so we thought we’d review something a bit newer. So here’s a podcast all about the anime adaptation of Soul Eater by BONES, from the original work by Atsushi Okubo.


Rail kept complaining that the opening wasn’t HARDCORE enough. So hopefully it sufficed. While Funimation has the rights to the Soul Eater anime and will surely be releasing the DVDs at some point, Yen Press has the manga rights and will start releasing the manga in stand alone volumes starting in October. In the meantime the Soul Eater manga is being printing in their monthly Yen Plus magazine.

So, we asked in this episode about the use of our forum. Would you like for us to have our own set of forums, or would you just like us to use the forums we actually have? Let us know!

There is also contest stuff but Basil is lazy and has work in the morning so you can just scroll down and see what’s up in a previous OSMnotes.

OSMcast: Mushishi 7-25-2008

Mushishi, by Yuki Urushibara is the topic of tonight’s OSMcast! And it’s definitely awesome. But don’t take our word for it! … Well, actually do take our word for it, but listen to us talk abut why first!


Really you should go buy a copy of Mushishi in one form or another right now. Though you’ll probably have to special order it. But that’s okay because this manga and anime is pretty special.

In that good way, not that short bus special or anything.

So go git it.

Like, now.


OSMcast: Metal Gear Solid 4 7-11-2008

And we’re back! This week DJ Inubito and Basil talk about Nerdapalooza 2008 and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.


So it sounds like Nerdapalooza 2008 was pretty bad ass! If you want to check out CSHC with our man DJ Inubito on the plates, check out their YouTube page.

And like we said, MGS4 is gosh darn awesome. And you do end up feeling pretty bad for Old Snake sometimes, when they make fun of him for being old and his Psych meter goes down in the saddest noise possible.

OSMcast: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Ep. #1 6-27-2008

So how about that “On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness” stuff eh guys and gals?

Pretty good stuff! You should totally buy it. Or at least try the demo. You could also go buy Commando 3 on the XBLA while you’re at it so you can try the new SFII: HD Remix beta going on. Or Space Invaders Extreme!
I still cannot beat Level 4, but one day… ONE DAY!!!

I will triumph!

OSMcast: GTA IV 6-13-2008

Are you read for some unbridled passion as two souls burn brightly about Grand Theft Auto the Fourth? Well too bad we’ve already recorded it!


Though to be fair, we ended up playing Street Fighter III: Third Strike afterwards instead. Will there be another Inubito/Basil podcast about the upcoming Street Fighter TV once it releases? Oh yes. And who knows… since we only scratched the surface that is GTA IV, there may be another about GTA IV in the far flung future. For example if you wanted an in depth discussion on how Niko’s journey into America as an immigrant was portrayed in the game compared to how it is seen and actually is in America, well… We could do that.

Or we could talk about playing darts and going to strip clubs in the game. Whatever floats your boat.

And as always tell us about these things and your opinions in the comments section, send us an email (osmcast@gmailDOTcom), or throw down a voice mail our way!

inubito on aim: holy shit 52:07. lol
Basil on aim: NICE!
inubito on aim: wrd
Basil on aim: that’s just how we roll. lol
inubito on aim: True that.