OSMinterview! Mark Meer @ Momocon 2013

(That's kinda rude...)
It’s like he’s pointing at himself!

In tonight’s ACTION PACKED episode of the OSMcast!. we team up with the Chainsaw Buffet to interview one Mark Meer at Momocon 2013. You probably have heard him giving voice to the male half of everyone’s favorite Commander on the Citadel, Commander Shepard of Mass Effect*. As it turns out, he’s worked with BioWare for much longer than one might be aware!

*Not that the OSMcast has liked the Mass Effect series of games or anything.


We’d just like to thank Momocon and Mark Meer for letting him chat it up with us, even if all it did was make us wish we could have talked with him more!

Also, hey did you see the new website? We have one! It’s looks all NEW. Unless this is your first time, in which case it probably looks all old. Or at least normal, I guess.

Either way, welcome! If you haven’t checked us out lately, please peruse our Index of OSM, the archive of all our audio to date. As it turns out we have been running on and on for five years and you tend to accumulate a bunch of stuff in that time! In fact, we are dangerously close to hitting episode 100! If you have any ideas for that, let us know! We’re plumb out.

OSMcast: Mass Effect 1-04-2010

Wrex from Mass Effect
Wrex: This is why you play Mass Effect. (He also has way more porn drawn of him than any other character. Think about that.)

It’s a new year! To celebrate the OSMcast! decided to talk about a game from the not-too distant past. So here’s a podcast where we talk about BioWare’s scifi RPG/shooter hybrid Mass Effect!

Protip: Also the sequel is coming out super-soon so you have to get prepared! Therefore, if you have already played Mass Effect consider this podcast a primer as for why the series is awesome.  (Like you need reminding, right?)


Folks, this game is everywhere you want to buy it. You can even just download the game straight to your Xbox 360. Or straight to your PC via Steam. NO EXCUSES PEOPLE.

I guess since Zero is actively USING his geass, we don't HAVE to watch. Yeah.

So it’s a new year and you may have noticed we are now officially Bi-weekly! In the “New podcast every two weeks” sort of way, and not “Two new podcasts every week” sort of way. While we would love to blab at you that much, between school, work, and everything else under the sun, it’s just not feasible. BUT things are also on track where we will should be hitting that wondrous  and wooshy-sounding deadline for the vast foreseeable future. That’s good, right?



As always! You can email us, call us, comment at us, what have you!

The next OSMcast! will be a strange new kind of episode! So different, so strange, so bizarre, even I, Basil, Lord Prophet of OSM and also, sometimes commas, do not know it’s contents.

But in a couple of weeks, we ALL will know.

ALL. That listen, anyway.