OSMinterview! Ask Cosplay-Senpai @ Hamacon 10

Dipping once more into the wonderfully rich Hamacon 10 well, we have this lovely interview with Ask Cosplay-Senpai!

Wonder whom this wonderful person is? Well, haven you ever been stuck on a costume piece? Can’t quite figure out how that prop goes together? Ask Cosplay-Senpai!

With a decade of personal experience, over 25,000 items created, and hundreds of convention panels over the past decade, they are here to share their love for media, fandom, and—most of all—costuming! Find them on Instagram @askcosplaysenpai for tutorials, live builds and walkthroughs, and any advice you need on making your next cosplay the best it can possibly be.

There is also this delightful interview with them. 


Find Ask Cosplay-Senpai in all these socially media-type places! And also buy stuff from their super-good buy stuff Website store!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AskCosplaySenpai/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/askcosplaysenpai/
Store:  https://www.askcosplaysenpai.com/

OSMinterview! Tiffany Grant @ Hamacon 10

Happy Labor Day! This is the holiday where we celebrate the good, hard-working folks over at NERV.  Their tireless efforts to protect us from those dastardly Angels and their constant attempts at creating the Third Impact. And who is the hardest working person there? Well, it would be none other than the wonderful, talented, and won’t hurt us at all ever, Asuka Langley Soryu!

What we are getting at here is that this is an interview at Hamacon  with renowned voice over artist Tiffany Grant, known best for her role as said Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion. 

OSMcast! Show 152: The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl with Third Impact Anime at Hamacon 10

So, kids. When two podcasts like each other very much, they have a crossover episode. And when the OSMcast! and Third Impact Anime both like the works of Masaaki Yuasa and studio Science Saru? They have an episode about the movie  The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl, adapted from the novel by Tomihiko Morimi.

Protip: This crazy experiment was recorded live at Hamacon 10. This is also the first time we have tried such a thing, so the audio is a little weird here and there. But still pretty listenable! 

OSMinterview! Keith Silverstein @ Momocon 2019

Continuing on our journey through all the interviews we took part of at Momocon 2019, here’s the one with Keith Silverstein! Who is that you may ask? Well, he has done a lot! Many will know him as Torbjörn from Overwatch, or maybe Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin. Just all sorts of things! But he will forever hold a special place in our hearts around this parts, as Johnny Boya from mother flippin’ REDLINE. 

OSMinterview: Deedee Magno Hall @ Momocon 2019

So if you haven’t noticed yet, we had a ton of interviews at this past Momocon! In this one, we chatted with Deedee Magno Hall! Not only is her name amazing, she herself was also amazing as Pearl, in a cartoon people like to call Steven Universe. As… that is the cartoon’s name.

She was also Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular for many years, as well as Nessarose in Wicked! She knows how to carry a tune, is all we are saying here. 

OSMcast! Show #151: The Indie Video Games of Momocon 2019

So sure. maybe some other major video games expo may be happening right now, but what about what has happened before? Like, say, Momocon a few weeks back. We were there, and played an absolute non-literal ton of indie video games. These are those stories.


Man, that was a bunch of neat games! Mostly. But hey, if you need even MORE independent coverage of independent games, Basil has made an independent post over at itsbasiltime.com to talk about some of the games that he enjoyed that were submitted to the Momocon Indie Awards Showcase, but were not on the show floor. That said, here’s the Time Cues for all the games we covered that were:

OSMinterview: Monica Rial @ Momocon 2019

We’re back from Momocon, and here to serve you with one of many interviews we got take part in during the con! In this episode, we got the chance to speak with Monica Rial.

You may know her best as Bulma from Dragon Ball and the letters that come after, but’s she done a ton voices throughout the years. So many, her own website even says Hey, check out ANN for a really good list. That said, you should totally check her out on Twitter!

OSMinterview: Micah & Ayu Interview… Us?! @ Hamacon 8

OK… Hmm… Well, uh, this a weird one? Back in time, when Hamacon 8 was happening, we sat down to interview Micah Solusod and Ayu Sakata. Only, they decided since we have interviewed them a few times, they turned the table to interview us. Us mostly being John and Charlie. So, enjoy this one!

Micah and Ayu are both super accomplished folks. They have an amazing webcomic called the Ties That Bind, they create games over at sakevisual. Oh, and they voice all your favorite characters, too! Too bad they decided to ask us the questions, huh?