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An eternal English/Graphic Design major that spends way too much time playing video games and watching Japanese cartoons and not nearly enough time writing or graphic designing about them. He runs an anime club with an iron fist, once wrote for Animefringe (for all of two-three months!), and thinks ‘Moe Moe Bullshit’ is stupid. He also has a podcast (osmcast.com), which you should totally check out.

OSMinterview! Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt @ MTAC 18th Battalion

In this week’s episode, we take a trip back in time, to 2018’s Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, where our own John Robbins got to chat with both Yuri Lowenthal along with Tara Platt. (It was also where a certain Yuri and may have tweeted a certain awesome thing about John.)

Both Yuri and Tara are super prolific Voice-Over Artists. Yuri has been in things like Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Dead or Alive, Naruto, Personas both 3 AND 4, and most recently he was the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the new Spider-Manvideo game by Insomniac.

Tara was also in both Persona 3 and Naruto, along with a bevy of those things! She has been new dub of Sailor Moon, Aggretsuko, Fire Emblem: Awakening, League of Legends, and was also the voice of Yuri Watanabe in, you guessed it, Insomniac’s Spider-Man.

OSMcast! Show #146: The OSMawards: Top 15 in 2018

2018 was a year. A year were things happened.Mostly terrible, but there was some stuff hiding around, poking about. At the very least, fifteen things. Well, actually sure there were a bunch of things that were awesome about 2018! But we decided to pick out fifteen of them to podcast about. Here’s our Top 15 in 2018 OSMawards!


Man, of course, once we stopped recording, I think we came up with at least another fifteen things that were awesome in 2018? But, too bad us! We made our list! Now here is that list again, in Time Cues form:

  • We start the OSMcasting – 00:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:37
  • Tales of Vesperia – 01:01
  • OSMCast Top 15 – 02:55
    • 15: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age – 03:48
    • 14: The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories – 07:25
    • 13: Chasm – 09:59
    • 12: Marvel Movies – 12:51
      • Black Panther – 13:16
      • Avengers: Infinity War – 15:02
      • Ant Man and the Wasp – 15:40
      • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – 16:41
    • 11: Zombie Land Saga – 19:29
    • 10: SSSS.Gridman – 23:20
    • 9: XXIII Olympic Winter Games (PyeongChang 2018) – 27:54
    • 8: Kevin’s Yuri Corner (Citrus and Bloom Into You) – 35:45
    • 7: Planet With – 38:56
    • 6: Food Fantasy, (It’s a Mobile Game!) – 42:16
    • 5: Revue Starlight – 45:00
    • 4: Satellite Young – 48:11
    • 3: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime – 50:26
    • 2: Devilman Crybaby – 53:40
    • 1: The Night is Short, Walk On Girl – 58:34
    • Basil Makes Us Choose Our Favorite
      • Kevin’s Favorites – 63:04
      • Doug’s Favorites – 63:40
      • Basil’s Favorites – 64:14
    • Final Thoughts – 64:35

OSMinterview! Mr. Creepy Pasta @ Hamacon 9

OK so maybe it’s no longer the spookytimes right now. Right now, it’s all New Year, New You, New Year’s Resolutions, and all that kind of stuff times. Well how about a new OSMinterview? Let’s go back in time, back when it would be all spooky and stuff! Because what we have here, is an interview with YouTube’s own Mr. Creepy Pasta!

He reads stories. That are creepy. They may, or may not, have pasta in them.

OSMcast! Show #145: Moments of TN OSM (HamaMini 2018)

Welcome to 2019, everybody! We are just so glad you could make it. In honor of such an auspicious occasion, we have an episode we recorded back in November of 2018! It’s actually a whole new format! Kinda. Since our uh, “acquisition” of the Chainsaw Buffet Podcast a short while ago, I have these amazing guys on occasion to gab with. So we decided that whenever we can pin them down (usually at cons), we will! And we did. So here is an episode with mostly the TN Crew! It’s all very exciting.


Time Cues? Time Cues!

  • We start the OSMcasting – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 0:46
  • Charlie Got Married! – 03:54
  • Moments of OSM – 08:09
    • Smash Ultimate – 08:29
    • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on Google Stream Beta – 12:56
    • Work – 17:38
    • Stardew Valley – 18:25
    • Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – 23:31
    • Who do you want to see as a DLC character for Smash Brothers? – 39:16

OSMinterview! Erika Harlacher @ Hamacon 9

Hello world! The OSMcast is back yet again with questions and answers, but we’re asking the questions here this time! That’s our deal! Well, we struck a dark bargain with Erika Harlacher, at any rate. What was that dark, terrible bargain? That we could ask her questions, and she would give us answers! All in all, it was a pretty sweet deal.

Now, you may wonder whom this Erika Harlacher is. Do not fret, for we shall tell you! She is an amazing voice actress, that has done many a cool Japanese animation. Things like oh I dunno… Violet Evergarden in Violet Evergarden? Or perhaps Jeanne d’Arc (Ruler) in Fate/Apocrypha would be more your speed. Netflix folks (aka everyone) would recognize her from her role of  Elizabeth Liones in The Seven Deadly Sins? I particularly enjoyed her work as Kurapika in Hunter x Hunter!

But let’s face facts, I’m sure everyone really recognizes her as 
 Ann Takamaki in the smash hit video software known as Persona 5. And that is perfectly fine.

OSMcast! Show #144: Questions from Listeners Like You, NOV in DEC Edition

So back in the far flung past (last month or so*) we solicited questions from the people. Mostly on Twitter. Also via spamming Third Impact Anime’s Facebook Community. These are those questions. And our answers! In December. Look, time is an illusion, we all know this. 

*Pretty sure the idea was to record in October, then release in November? But now it’s December. Hi December! 


Ryan is a pretty cool dude and you can check out his Twitter right here!

Thanks everyone for sending in questions! Some, we’ll have to come back to you all on them. As some are really whole episode topics in their own right (Looking at you, Top Ten Anime Betrayals)! But until next time, have some Time Cues:

  • We start the OSMcasting – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 0:36
  • New Podcast Announcement – 01:35
    • “Acquisition” of Chainsaw Buffet! – 03:18
    • Our Triumphant Return to iTunes! – 05:01
  • Moments of OSM – 08:35
  • Questions and Answers – 25:48
    • Favorite Spooky Animes? – 26:37
    • What’s Next in Our Conquests? – 33:44
    • Which kind of -dere is Basil according to Kevin and Anna? – 36:28
    • What is the most difficult thing about running a convention? – 37:50
    • Which guest do you want to get on the podcast the most and why is it Austin from Third Impact Anime? – 38:43
    • Got any grapes? – 39:54
    • Porg or Ewok? – 40:44
    • Subs or Dubs? – 44:26
    • Why do they call it taking a dump and not leaving a dump? – 49:26
    • Tobias Asks a Meme – 49:39
    • What are you watching this season? – 50:12
    • Top 10 Anime Betrayals – 51:12
    • What Upcoming Anime Are You Looking Forward To? – 51:36
    • Which is your favorite McElroy brother? – 52:36
    • If VRV Pick Up One thing of your choice, what would it be? – 55:03
    • From an attendee point of view, what sorts of panels catch your eye at cons? – 57:42
    • What anime is so ridiculous that you can’t force yourself to watch it? – 60:23
    • What is your number one JRPG of all time and why is it a controversial choice? – 62:12
    • Final Thoughts – 68:52

OSMinterview! Marianne Miller @ Hamacon 9

Hi everybody! This time around we have got yet another awesome interview for you! At Hamacon 9, we had the chance to sit down with Marianne Miller, whom you may remember from our previous interview, but more likely remember her from her roles on shows like Little Witch Academia, or FLCL Alternative. Either way, enjoy!

Warning of Triggers: We do go down some dark rabbit holes. Maybe all of them? certainty a bunch of them. It’s an excellent listen, but be forewarned!


Thanks once again to Marianne Miller for the chance to chat! Also, welcome back everybody! With the FFXIV FanFest done, and Thanksgiving, and half the crew getting sick in between… it’s been rough. But we have some awesome episodes already and lined up for the next few weeks, so get ready!

OSMinterview! Lula Cosplay & Scissor Wizard Cosplay @ Hamacon 9

OK so, we here at the OSMcast are not exactly a um, well. dealers in the visual medium. We deal more in the business of audio. If we were a Transformer, we’d be best represented by Blaster or Soundwave. Really what we are getting at here is that this episode is a whole audio feast about a visual medium known as costume play. You know, cosplay. Specially, an interview with the wonderful cosplayers Scissor Wizard Cosplay and Lula Cosplay. There were the cosplay guests for Hamacon 9, and we were very happy to chat with them about costuming.


Thank you to both Lula Cosplay as well as Scissor Wizard Cosplay for talking with us! You can follow Scissor Wizard Cosplay on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube! You can also find Lula Cosplay on Facebook, as well as Instagram, Twitter, and check out her store on Etsy!

If you happen to be in North Alabama this weekend, Lulu Cosplay will be at the Hamacon Minicon 2018, selling amazing things and also running a workshop about making kanzashi flowers~

Also Basil has panels, Dylan runs the Analog gaming area, and it’s just going to be a blast. You should go!

OSMcast! Show #143: The Indie Video Games of Momocon 2018

When we last checked into the Momocon Indie Games area when they started in 2015, we covered 18 games. Well, now it’s 2018! So how many games did we check out in this year’s Momocon? *counts* 23? GOOD LORD. Here’s our takes on said 23 games, live from the archives during Momocon 2018.


No time for love Dr Jones, only Time Cues:

OSMinterview! Austin Tindle @ Hamacon 9

In this latest and greatest of the OSMcast, we have yet another OSMinterview! John sat down with the one and only Austin Tindle, a voice-over artist that has been in many a great anime. He was folks like Crowley Eusford (Seraph of the End), Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul), Marco Bodt (Attack on Titan), Karma Akabane (Assassination Classroom), Avilio Bruno (91 Days), and more! So stay a while and listen~


Thank you Austin for chatting with us! If you haven’t yet, check him out on Twitter! And while you’re at it, check out John’s Twitter, too. And speaking of Hamacon, they’ve got thier one day Minicon coming up in November! If you happen to see around North Alabama at the time, you should go. Next time on the OSMcast, we’ll be digging into the backlog and releasing our take on all the indie games we saw this past Momocon! We’ll see you next week.