Mmmm, cartoons! They are the best.

So, you may have heard about this Korra cartoon THING that just had its second season opener and you may wonder if you should go back and catch the first season. But hey, if you ARE wondering that, well we have the answer for you!

Short answer: Yes, of course you should. We even did an OSMcast all about it.

Long answer: You listen to our latest episode that tells you all about it. That’s right here. You can just click about or download it or maybe you have done one of those things. In that case you should have already begun watching the first season. If you haven’t, I guess just  listen to the podcast again.

TL;DR: This episode of the OSMcast is about The Legend of Korra: Book One, Air. It’s a pretty cool cartoon made by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino and a sequel to Avatar: the Last Aibender. You can go listen to us yap on about how cool we think it is.


Firstly, here’s a link to the Blu-ray of the first season. Here’s a link to the DVD version.


Time Cues, as told to Basil by way of Winamp

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • AWA Talk – 6:26
  • MOMENTS OF OSM – 13:00
    • Hobonichi Planner – 13:11
    • Saints Row IV – 21:29
    • Star Trek: the Next Generation – 25:20
    • Milk Tea – 30:15
    • Gatchaman Crowds – 34:00
    • Star Driver: The Movie – 36:18
  • The Legend of Korra: Book One, Air – 37:00
  • Spoilers for The Legend of Korra: Book One, Air – 81:45
  • OSMs Out of OSM – 111:00

Yeah buddy! Those sure are some TIME CUES. Now how about some PANEL CUES?!

Panel Cues for Anime Weekend Atlanta, as told to Basil by way of AWA unless things change which they totally can!

  • Manga You Need to Buy Right Now! (9/27/13 3:30 PM-4:30 PM | CGC – 104): Manga, the world of Japanese comics. There used to be an absolute ton of these things on the market, but times are changing… and not for the better. However, there are still a great many series and one shots that are being published today. And we’re going to tell you all about them!
  • Petals and Penguins: The Work of Kunihiko Ikuhara (9/28/13 5:00 PM-6:00 PM | CGC – 106): The creator and director of Revolutionary Girl Utena, Kunihiko Ikuhara is a man who loves imagery. And metaphor. And messing with your mind. His works make you think, make you feel, and usually not in the ways you’re probably meant to when you started your day. But yet, we always keep coming back for more. From his start in the anime adaption of Sailor Moon, to Penguindrum and beyond, we look into the twisted body of work that has defined Kunihiko Ikuhara.
  • Getting Your Anime Groove Back (9/29/13 11:00 AM-12:00 PM | CGC – 104): Anime burn out happens all the time. Sometimes life gets in the way and people lose interest in keeping up with the latest shows and news. This panel looks at a few shows that may rekindle that anime fan deep inside that just wants to be free again.
  • The Weird Side of Go Nagai (9/29/13 2:30 PM-3:30 PM | CGC – 106): While Go Nagai is easily one of the most prolific and influential anime and manga creators of our time, not everyone knows his stranger side. Sure, some anime fans may know the popular stuff like Cutie Honey or Mazinger Z, but what about Aztechkaiser; a tokusatsu pro-wrestling live action show where the hero beats his enemies by turning into animation? Now that’s weird!

Boy that sure was a whole lot of cues!

OSMcast! The Legend of Korra: Book One, Air 9-16-2013
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One thought on “OSMcast! The Legend of Korra: Book One, Air 9-16-2013

  • September 28, 2013 at 6:09 AM

    Great podcast, gentlemen. Entertaining, passionate, and informative, even to a hermit like myself. As recent viewings of Redline and Hellsing have reignited my love of shorter, self-contained anime, I would love to hear the scattershot lasers of your combined Geek Might take on a list of your favorite anime movies, perhaps in the form of a group-approved All-Time Classics, then a few more personal, less well-known choices, or a discussion on Memorable Villains with subheadings for Truly Vile and Most Bizarre.
    Or not. Either way, it was OSM (see, I’m a convert) to hear Boris as host, elder statesman and guide, Kevin as the Man With No Filter, and Doug as the Guy I Suspect To Be Involved In A Series Of High-Profile, Intricately Planned Tea Thefts In The Greater Metropolitan Area.
    Good luck with your Con panels. Looking forward to the next show.

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