OSMcast! Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017 10-9-2017


Wait wait wait what 2 updates in a row is this 2017 or what geez SO ANYROAD yes the OSMcast is BACK yet again for a classic late night con report! This time, we stay up waaaaay too late on the Saturday night of AWA to talk about said con. Since Basil and Anna were the only ones from Team OSM around, we stacked the room full of amazing guests! Said guests include, Jared from Oldtaku no Radio, Drew from Akihabara Renditions, as well as Bonus Doug and Jeff! … From, well, they were in the room so good for them! Being in a room!

Protip: This was recorded in a hotel room at 3AM+ in the morning, so the the audio is not always the best. That’s mostly due to the whole hotel room thing, though!


Yep that sure was an anime con, so have some Time Cues already!

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 0:34
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017
    • General Thoughts on AWA, Before and Now – 1:46
    • Thursday @ AWA 2017 – 23:27
    • Friday @ AWA 2017 – 45:48
    • Saturday @ AWA 2017 – 73:14
    • Sunday “@” AWA 2017 – 107:02
    • Final Thoughts about AWA 2017 – 108:56

OSMcast! Little Witch Academia 9-27-2017


Are we on Netflix? Of course not, as we are a podcast! Why would we be on Netflix? But you know what IS on Netflix? Studio Trigger’s Little Witch Academia! So let’s talk about Little Witch Academia. Sound good? Great!


Little Witch Academia is also great! Go watch it! But also read up on some delicious, succulent, Time Cues~

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 0:33
  • Basil’s lone AWA Panel 🙁 – 4:26
  • Moments of OSM: 8:26
    • Life Is Strange: Before the Storm – 8:51
    • Made in Abyss – 9:11
    • 8Bitdo Controllers – 15:47
  • Little Witch Academia
    • Little Witch Academia, Sans Spoilers – 19:37
    • Little Witch Academia, Full of Spoilers – 44:27
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about Little Witch Academia – 54:41
    • OSMs out of OSM – 67:26

OSMcast!!! Yuri!!! on Ice 2-27-2017


So why not tackle a podcast in 2017 with the anime everyone has been talking about?? I dunno, I guess we could have talking about other things, but Yuri!!! on Ice has been on constant repeat for a few members of Team OSM so it seemed like the one to start with. So, here we are! With a podcast all about the anime Yuri!!! on Ice, by the studio MAPPA, directed by Sayo Yamamoto, and written by Mitsurō Kubo.


You wanna watch Yuri!!!!!!!!! on Ice subbed, for that authentic pork cutlet bowl experience? Hit up some Crunchyroll! You would rather have some of that dubbed, spicy Micah Solusod flavor? Funimation is where you wanna be! Want some Time Cues? OK LET’SA GO

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 0:43
  • Previously on OSMast Z?! – 1:40
  • Dragon Quest Minute! – 4:12
  • Final Fantasy XIV (Heavensward) Minute! – 6:19
  • Moments of OSM – 14:36
    • Super Robot Wars V – 14:41
    • Clip Studio Paint – 16:34
    • Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – 21:06
    • Nintendo Switch HYPE – 21:39
  • Yuri!!! on Ice
    • Yuri!!! on Ice, Sans Spoilers – 23:09
    • Yuri!!! on Ice, Sans Spoilers, Full of Spoilers – 59:57
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about Yuri!!! on Ice – 83:29
    • OSMs out of OSM – 96:48

OSMcast! FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival 2016 Las Vegas 10-29-2016


Oh hi! The OSMcast (and friends!) went to the latest Final Fanatsy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas, to check out all the sweet surprises they had in store! And boy did they! A new expansion, and lots of teases as to what’s coming up next. But we did as much of the Festival as we could, so we could bring it all back to you here. In audio form, no less!


Oh, we know why you are still reading! You want them Time Cues~

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:51
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival 2016 Las Vegas
    • Day 0 and Speculation – 01:27
    • Overall thoughts on the FanFest – 19:48
    • Day 1 – Friday – 35:54
    • Day 2 – Saturday – 73:21
    • Final Thoughts (WITH SUPER ULTRA HYPER SPECIAL GUEST) – 91:26

But we also have BONUS PICTURES for you as well!

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OSMcast! 2015 OSMawards Part One of… er… One 8-29-2016



It’s a podcast from the OSMcast in 2016! About… 2015! How exciting! So, we thought we were back, only we weren’t. Whoops! But we are here, with an episode. That we recorded all the way back in January! It’s the first half of the 2015 OSMawards, that now is in fact, the entirety.


So yes. While this is the latest OSMcast, this is also the last… To update on a Monday! In the future, we are going to update on every other Friday, and see how that works out. And we should have things coming, as we have recorded a whole new episode last week, and have some interviews from MTAC. But until then, show some time cues~

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:55
  • Dragon Quest Minute! – 13:06
  • The 2015 OSMawards!
    • Movies – 17:08
      • Jupiter Ascending – 17:17
      • Furious 7 – 21:00
      • Avengers: Age of Ultron – 22:01
      • Mad Max Fury Road – 25:44
      • Star Wars The Force Awakens – 28:49
      • Person of Interest – 34:55
      • Ant Man – 35:44
      • Inside Out – 38:21
    • TV Shows
      • Bojack Horseman – 45:16
      • Marvel & DC TV shows – 45:57
      • Going Deep with David Reese – 46:45
      • Jessica Jones – 50:03
    • Video Games – 58:08
      • Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. – 59:33
      • Shovel Knight – 60:00
      • Life is Strange – 64:15
      • Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae – 66:26
      • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – 68:01
      • Fallout 4 – 69:56
      • Xenoblade Chronicles X – 71:15
      • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky – 73:21
      • Undertale – 78: 36
      • Indivisible Demo – 84:29
      • Game of the Year – 85:18

OSMcast! Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward 1-11-2016



Huh. So… It’s 2016, huh? Man, how time flies!

Especially when you are playing Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, the amazing expansion to that MMO we here at the OSMcast has been horribly addicted to! In honor of our addiction, please have a podcast all about it.


Don’t worry! Our podcast New Year’s Resolution for 2016 is to get back into the swing of things. For real this time. We are gonna podcast like it’s 2014!

Until then, have some cues.

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:34
  • Dragon Quest Minute! – 03:59
  • Moments of OSM – 07:51
    • Dragon Quest Heroes – 08:01
    • Fate/Grand Order – 11:27
    • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky – 14:28
    • Indivisible Indiegogo (SORRY IT’S OVER NOW) – 21:59
    • Observations about Canada- 24:35
  • Questions from listeners like you – 30:42
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward – 44:35

OSMcast! The Indie Video Games of Momocon 2015 10-26-2015



So speaking of Momocon, this was the first year where they really blew up their video gaming to something truly huge. Something special. they called it the MGX, or Momocon Gaming Experience. Not only was there tons of tabletop gaming to be had, or console gaming, or even an arcade, as they had all of these things. But what Momocon also had, was an indies space for video games. And along with our pals from Chainsaw Buffet, we played almost all of them.

These are those stories. As recorded late at night during some night at Momocon.


GOOD GRAVY there were a bunch of games at Momocon this year! Frankly, I have no idea how those actual video game sites cover even bigger shows like E3! Wait, I think they get paid though… huh. Oh well! Of course, thanks to the Chainsaw Boys for helping us cover all these games! But you did not come here for this part of the OSMnotes, clearly. What you want, are those Time Cues:

That… was a lot of links. Please, go click on them! Find something new to play! And bug the wonderful C63 folks to make that sweet sweet train game I know is secretly in their hearts.

Next time, something fresh off the microphone! We are kicking a few ideas around. If you have any ideas of topics of things to cover, feel free to hit up Basil on Twitter. Or Kevin! Or hey, even the OSMcast account itself. We are not picky.

OSMinterview! Greg Weisman @ Momocon 2015



Long time, no podcast? Well, let’s fix that! We’re going to start with an OSMinterview we did with Greg Weisman during this year’s Momocon along with the Chainsaw Buffet podcast.

Greg Weisman was one of the co-creators of Disney animated series Gargoyles, and also worked on Young Justice, as well as Star Wars Rebels. We talk to him about all those things, but we also chatted about his books Rain of the Ghosts, as well as it’s sequel book Spirits of Ash and Foam.


Firstly, big thanks to both Greg Weisman and Momocon for making the interview possible. You should all check out his books! Basil sure did, and will probably report back in on those soon enough. Secondly, hi we’re back! And we even have a second episode being prepped for next week! So that’s exciting.

OSMinterview! Tiffany Grant @ MTAC 15 to Life



In our second interview of the MTAC 15 to Life Series, we had the wonderful chance to chat with Tiffany Grant. While best known for her role in Neon Genesis Evangelion, as Asuka, she has also been a ton of other roles! From as early as Kome Sawaguchi in Blue Seed (1996), to even Lune from The World God Only Knows (2015), Tiffany Grant is one of the most decorated Voice Over Artists around.

So it was extremely thrilling to gotten to have talked with. About all sorts of things, from Hello Kitty, to speaking German, to Hello Kitty some more. Possibly while speaking German. Oh, and some things about voice acting in anime, too. Sure. This happened at MTAC 15 to Life, in a press conference style sort of the affair along with the Chainsaw Buffet and some other wonderful folks. Please, have a listen.


We have switched hosting! The OSMcast is now powered by simplecast.fm. What this means is that in May/June we will be switching RSS feeds! So if you would like to switch your RSS now, that might make things easier for the future!

That said, we have been able to switch it already over at Sticher. They’re good folks, that Sticher. In fact, if you use Sticher, could you leave us a review? It would be most appreciated!

OSMcast! Steven Universe, Season One 5-18-2015



Sometimes, you just gotta talk about cartoons. And in this latest, greatest episode of the OSMcast, we do just that! This is the episode where we talk about Rebecca Sugar’s and Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe. It’s a show about a boy and his three awesome magical moms. Or aunts. Or, something. It’s pretty great.

We also remissness about that MMO we are always playing, as well as MTAC (next year they’re going 16-bit!), video games, and some silly piece of cloth that Doug adores but will never let anyone ever see. Ever.


Wow! Honestly we had no clue it’s been so long since we did a normal, everyday podcast about a thing we thought was awesome. Thankfully, Steven Universe is pretty amazing, so that works. In other news, Basil was recently on an episode of GME Anime Fun Time, talking about some Redline. It was pretty fun, as Redline is incredible fun and very easy to talk about.

Speaking of talking and things that are fun, we’ll be at Momocon! Well, Basil and Kevin shall be. Not only that,but we’ll be present a slew of panels. A slew! Like… four or five of them. Enough we may just have a post just about that itself. Basil will have to work on that.

Also, we have switched hosting! The OSMcast is now powered by simplecast.fm. What this means is that in May/June we will be switching RSS feeds! So if you would like to switch your RSS now, that might make things easier for the future!

But until then, have some Time Cues:

  • We start the OSMcast!ing – 0:00
  • General Gabbing – 00:31
  • Dragon Quest Minute! – 06:11
  • Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) Minute! – 07:14
  • Moments of OSM – 17:58
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse – 18:34
    • Super Robot Wars/Z3.2 – 21:37
    • MTAC – 24:21
    • Vintage Handkerchief – 34:19
    • Altruism – 38:22
  • Steven Universe
    • Steven Universe, Sans Spoilers 41:52
    • Steven Universe, Full of Spoilers – 85:47
    • Questions from Listeners Like You about Steven Universe – 124:01
    • OSMs out of OSM – 140:38